Aligning Workforce Strategies With Business Objectives

Successful and effective organizations align their human resources functions around strategic business goals and objectives. Alignment is the process by which human resources planning and activities are integrated into the organization’s strategic plan so that human resource management (HRM) is clearly linked, or aligned, with the achievement of the organization’s goals. Identifying and implementing workforce strategies in a challenging global economy is a high-priority issue for executives leadership. To be successful, human resource professionals and business leaders together must grapple with the many variables that affect the organization’s ability to attain its strategic objectives. They must develop quantitative and qualitative approaches to efficiently and effectively attract, engage and retain human capital.

For strategic HRM Alignment to be effective, organizations should focus on five key areas: Workforce Planning, Organizational capability assessment, Organizational development and structure, diversity and inclusion, and change management.

Workforce planning. Workforce Planning involves understanding the total cost of workforce.

Organizational capability assessment.

Organizational development and structure.

Diversity and Inclusion.

Change management.

We will perform a SWOT Analysis with SMEs through on-site focus groups to address the future workforce goals and weaknesses within the agency or organization. With careful consideration given to strategic plans and objectives, we conduct the SWOT analysis, which forward looking, and will make projections focusing on the next 3-5 years. Through separate SWOT analysis sessions with executives, managers, supervisors, and incumbents in Mission Critical Occupations, we will identify and link related SWOT aspects. From these linkages, we will create plans and action items to take advantage of strengths and opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats to the workforce. To ensure agreement with these aspects throughout the workforce, we will conduct a management verification panel ensure the information gathered during the SWOT Analysis sessions is accurate.