Policy & Regulatory Analysis

Regulatory Analysis

Our strategy begins with concepts that govern our Guiding principles for client success. We are guided by our core principles: Competence, Objectivity, Independence, and Confidentiality.


Millennium is an independent analyst firm. We provide authoritative data, analysis and advice to help our clients succeed in the world of sustainable business. Through our global primary research and deep domain expertise we provide our clients with strategic advice, revenue generating services, best practice frameworks, industry connections and competitive advantage.

Policy change, new regulations and enforcement mechanisms shape risks and opportunities for sustainable business strategies. Millennium analysts conduct forward-looking, global research into energy and climate change policies, subsidies, feed-in tariffs, environmental compliance and reporting. We focus on the requirements created by policy change and help our clients optimize responses. We also look for opportunities for product and service innovation that respond to the regulatory environment.

Our Services

Knowledge Service

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The Millennium subscription service provides exclusive online access to all of our research for a 12 month period. It also includes our client service support which aligns our research roadmap with your requirements. Most Millennium reports are only available to clients with annual subscriptions. The subscription service saves you time and money by delivering rigorously analyzed and crisply presented reports on a timely basis.

Custom Research

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We leverage our core research methodologies, deep domain expertise, wide industry networks and management consulting skills to quickly and cost effectively deliver custom research assignments. Recent examples include commercial due diligence for cleantech acquisitions, a global survey of 300 C-level executives and message testing and development for a sustainability technology provider. If you have any enquiries about our custom research you can contact us at research@Millennium.com.

Advisory Services

Call us to find out more about our advisory services. We will get in touch with you within 2 days to discuss your requirements. Millennium analysts deliver customised advisory services that provide clients with a cost effective alternative to management consulting. We leverage our existing data, analysis and expertise to deliver high impact sessions. Multi-client engagements are launched at client request.


This Millennium Masterclass is designed for individuals in business development, marketing and strategy roles who own revenue targets for businesses, products and services in the energy, environment and sustainability market. During this Masterclass we will equip you with the business case assumptions, market data, case studies and industry connections to enhance your prospects of hitting your revenue targets. We will share insights with you from global research conducted with senior managers who have succeeded in driving growth in the energy, environment and sustainability market. Examples include the creation of a sustainability consulting practice, the launch of a new energy services business unit, and the expansion of a portfolio of energy and environment software applications. In a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit we will encourage all participants in the Masterclass to share their best practices and ideas for quick wins – and to establish mutually beneficial connections.

Who Should utilize our services? This service is designed for senior managers who own revenue targets for businesses, products and services in the energy, environment and sustainability market. We recommend that people from the following roles attend: • Business development director • Portfolio manager • Strategy director / VP Strategy • General manager / CEO • Practice leader and consulting partner • Head of sustainability • Innovation leader • Solutions marketing We take governmental regulations and compliance seriously. We deliver “outsourcing solutions” customized to meet your specific objectives, while considering tax advantaged tax sheltering opportunities to protect the assets of your company and it’s employees. We can help establish Corporate Governance programs, compliance reviews, plans including:

ESOP Section 125 Cafeteria Plans Disability Plans Supplemental Income Protection Plans Section 403b Qualified Retirement Plans Employer Sponsored IRA’s Non Qualified Executive Compensation Plans Contact us for an analysis of your Employee Benefits Plan.