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Our Human Capital Management system begins with a Strategic HRM Model that embodies five integrated human capital management systems:

Strategic HRM | Recruitment |Employee Benefits |Talent Management |
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Superior Recruitment Services

For over 10 years we have been quietly assisting some of the largest investment banks, hedge funds, and financial services firms, recruit, select, and retain highly qualified key personnel, including traders, fund managers, financial analysts, fund accountants, lawyers, paralegals and others.   We employ some of the most experienced finance, accounting, HR, marketing, sales and legal staffing specialists in the industry. Our recruiters use their well-established knowledge to understand your business and match you with motivated individuals whose skills and experience fuel your business initiatives and growth

Our placement services provide personnel for technical, professional, and administrative functions including financial planning & analysis, accounting, legal research and documentation, marketing and sales, M&A due diligence, Asset verification, and valuation, data analysis, integration and migration, Intellectual Property, and IT. We provide talent in the following sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance

We provide a unique and scalable solution for all recruiting needs including special projects, contract assignments, temporary to permanent placements, business units, shared departments, and administrative support functions. We are committed to delivering value and performance to our customers and clients by delivering top talent. Our skilled consultants are afforded a wide range of opportunities that address their interests, utilizes their experience and advances their career. We focus on long term trusted partnerships and succeed when our clients are satisfied.

Finance and Accounting Roles we have recently filled include:

Account Administrators, Accountants, Account Analysts, Billing, Specialists, Business Analysts, Financial and Budget Analysts, Financial Reporting Analysts, Money Managers, Operational Support Specialists,Payroll Specialists,Program and Project Administrators,Program and Project Managers,Reconciliation Analysts,Tax Analysts, and Trade Processors

Employee Recruitment and Selection

Employee Recruitment and Selection is one of the most difficult components of the human capital plan. It involves federal and state laws regarding compensation, discrimination, labor practices, the Fair Labor Standards act, as well as EEOC laws & Regulations. Not only is regulatory compliance a consideration when recruiting, selecting, compensating, and managing employees, there must be an objective and verifiable effort to ensure that (1) a tight connection exists between the employee selected and the firm’s organizational objectives, departmental objectives, and employee role, and (2) both firm and departmental objectives are written to produce excellence or market leading outcomes depending on the nature of the business.

Recruitment plans have to be very specific when writing the role objectives such that they require particular skills or competencies to achieve, rather than general objectives. We help clarify organizational objectives, departmental objective, and role objectives for all positions. Our recruitment model ensures that for each role objective, tasks are listed, and for each task, we clarify the “tools,” “competencies,” and “assessments” for each position to ensure an exact match.

For the selection and testing of potential employees, we use assessment methodologies that are scientifically validated, depend on the nature of the task and its objectives, and lists as many relevant tasks as necessary to be accurate. We provide supporting information, and give a sample set of representative items to assess whether the candidate is likely to perform well in the position, (for example using structured interviews, etc) in the “details” section of the hiring plan.

We are careful to list only those assessments that are defensible for the position. For employee selection tests, we evaluate and assign particular tests to specific employment needs, and help determine the validity and reliability as they pertain to employment selection tests. We also distinguish between the validity of certain employment selection tests based upon the evidence, and discuss, from the viewpoint of an applicant, how certain employment selection tests may be viewed negatively when applicants are not selected for jobs.

We also analyze the relationship between personality and work performance. Another assessment we utilize is cultural fit. Culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. It is a key trait to look for when recruiting. The result of poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organization between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Millennium Management’s Information Technology placement service provides a unique and scalable recruiting solution for all IT consulting needs.

Our “Technology Sector Recruiting” model enables us to create marketplace expert recruiters to support specific industry and technology trends. Our recruiters are divided into teams with each team assigned to one of the following five predefined technology sectors:

  • Database Architecture and Administration
  • Application & Business Systems Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Network Engineering and Security
  • Project Management

Each team member is directly responsible for proactively developing consultant relationships and maintaining our extensive candidate database. Technology sector recruiting allows us a more focused approach to locate and deliver the best talent available in the shortest time possible. We are able to achieve superlative results in the key metrics areas of “quality of candidate,” “time-to-fill” and “cost savings.”

At Millennium Management, we believe technology sector recruiting gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace and assures our clients that they will receive the highest quality candidate. By staying at the forefront of innovative talent acquisition strategies, we have developed additional areas of recruiting expertise within the above sectors.

Compensation Planning

We can assist with executive and employee compensation planning which is one of the most important components of the human capital plan. Without market competitive compensation, all other components of the human capital plan will fail. We help with the complete human capital management planning cycle to establish exempt/non exempt compensation plans, tax sheltered and tax exempt aspects of the Employee Benefit Plans for the health, welfare, and motivation of your your company’s most valuable asset, Human Capital! Our Employee Benefits Plans are designed to reduce the cost of benefits funding through fully funded and/or partially self funded underwriting techniques. Plans considerations include medical, prescription, vision and dental plans, income protection, as well as supplemental income protection. Plans are tax advantaged for participants as are health, dependent care, and flexible spending accounts. We also design retirement and Fringe Benefit plans.

Our Human Capital Planning services include establishing and ensuring accountability of all plan components including Strategic HRM Alignment, Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefit Planning, Leadership & Talent Management, and Training & Development. We also manage payroll and taxation for contract personnel, and act as employee benefits plan fiduciaries for contract and permanent employee benefit plans. Count on us to provide complete human capital plan design, implementation and management. For more information, Call 1-800-791-6962 or email us:


Get Started on Human Capital Planning for superior organizational effectiveness, and efficiency. We can help ensure that your enterprise embraces best Human Capital management practices for effective market leadership. Start Human Capital strategy, mission and objectives planning now call us for an discussion and analysis. We provide technical implementation for all planning initiatives in compliance with Best Practices / PMBOK.