Business Planning

BUSINESS PLANNING Creative Business planning can accelerate your enterprise to market leadership. A business plan explains the reason that your business exists, specifies products and services, your financial projections, investment potential, management expertise, plans for operations, infrastructure, staffing, goals, and strategies for achieving those goals. It also specifies, initial capitalization and funding, capital start up… Continue reading

Finance, Capital Sourcing, and Management

STRATEGIC CAPITAL SOURCING We create value through strategic finance sourcing to accelerate your enterprise to market leadership. Funding corporate growth requires a holistic view of the goals and financial potential of a business. Working with experienced advisors that have strong relationships with capital sources can help meet organizational objectives. We provide strategic finance advisory services… Continue reading

Change Management

CHANGE MANAGEMENT Creative change management can accelerate your enterprise to market leadership. Organizational Development,Strategic Planning, Human Capital Planning, HR Planning, and IT is the key to optimizing change. Our Change management practice is a structured approach to shifting and transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. The organizational… Continue reading

Corporate Identity

Corporate IdentityDesigning a "Corporate Identity Plan" to be the "persona" of your enterprise can be very complex and should complement and facilitate the attainment of your objectives for market positioning and leadership. It is visibly manifested by brand imaging and the use of trademarks, slogans, logos, etc. Outstanding, award-winning design is at the heart of… Continue reading


STRATEGIC FINANCE Capital markets facilitate the flow of money to businesses and investments that optimize financial, societal and environmental impacts. Sustainable finance planning is imperative for continued viability in all organizations and applies to all operations. All forms of capital should be accounted for and managed while understanding how sustainability factors impact long term profitability… Continue reading

Information Technology

Information Technology Through our highly cost effective IT service, clients achieve superior business intelligence, competitive advantage, and maximum market efficiency. Information Technology, Enterprise Resource Management, and Customer Relations Management all drive revenue. Is your technology driving revenue? BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and INNOVATION In today's economy, business intelligence is the deciding factor in whether the… Continue reading


Healthy Companies = Happy Communities We all want the best for our communities and families. What does "the best" mean to you? Sustainability, Green Energy, Organic ? Keeping communities environmentally friendly? Giving back to your community? Join our community and meet other people just like you who want the best for their communities and families.… Continue reading

About Millennium Management (2)

About Millennium Management Millennium is a Management Consulting firm dedicated to helping clients succeed. We employ over 10,000 personnel globally. We use analytics to create integrated customized approaches to solve complex problems, create efficient operations, and optimize capital. Our plans are designed to promote peak efficiency, reduce operating costs, free up internal resources, accelerate re-engineering,… Continue reading

About Millennium Management

About Millennium Management Millennium is an Management Consulting, Operations Management, and Capital Planning firm dedicated to helping clients succeed through strategic planning We use deep industry knowledge together with advanced analytics to create customized integrated approaches that solve complex problems, create efficient operations, reduce costs, and improve market intelligence. Our strategies are designed to promote… Continue reading


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