Notary Services

Our digital notary services accommodate documents from any source and verifies the identity of the signers to ensure voluntarily agreement and signature of documents required for compliance with legal standards. The notary certifies that the signer has sworn or affirmed the truthfulness of the content in the document. We notarize the following documents: 1. Acknowledgments:… Continue reading

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership effectiveness is a set of competencies in a cluster of highly interrelated attributes, including knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that culminate in the behaviors needed to effectively lead an enterprise to market superiority. Leadership competencies can be technical, strategic, or behavioral. Technical competencies reflect the knowledge required to perform a specific role. Behavioral Competencies… Continue reading

Talent Management

With the changing dynamics at workplace, the emphasis is on improving Employee Experience (EX) and keeping the workforce motivated and satisfied. Higher productivity, better workforce engagement and empowerment of employees with overall improved EX have become the norm in Training & Development Programs (T&D). Talent management is all about finding new talent and nurturing existing… Continue reading

Training & Development

Training and development is one of the most important components of Human Capital Planning (HCM). It involves improving the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them. Training is related to immediate changes in organizational effectiveness through learning program, coaching, organizational culture, and instruction, while development is related to the progress of longer-term… Continue reading

Joanne Gonzales

BIOGRAPHY Joanne, is an accomplished professional with proven experience in a broad range of business activities including marketing, sales and client relations. She is passionate about providing creative solutions to solve problems for clietele. Her knowledge includes: Technology Systems Implementation Systems Planning and Analysis Systems and Program Management Infrastructure Planning Strategic and Operational ManagementRecognized for… Continue reading

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We take a comprehensive collaborative approach to problem solving. Regardless of industry and size, all businesses face specific universal challenges that are impossible to avoid. Our strategies employs best industry practices and advanced analytics to solve problems, increase efficiency, and cut costs. We provide 24/7 operations support allowing enterprises to outsource importance functions including strategic… Continue reading



Sustainability planning is critical to our mission. We help businesses operate much more efficiently, using best practices to promote efficient operations, unified communications, and superior business Intelligence, for competitive advantage. We deploy SWOT, five forces, PESTLE and myriad types of analysis to develop strategies for sustainable growth. Our STRATEGY begins with economics, financial, accounting, marketing,… Continue reading

Audio Playlist

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