Intellectual Property

The importance of patents and intellectual property as part of a business strategy cannot be understated. Intellectual property rights fully protect a business through Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, and Patent protection. This includes Trade Dress, Service Marks, and Cybermarks. Protect your intellectual property with our IP advisory service. We file all applications with the U.S. Copyright Office

Trademarks can be names of products or services, Logos, slogans, packaging and even sounds and smells. In essence, a trademark can be almost anything that is used to identify a particular product or service. Registering a trademark grants the owner exclusive rights to the mark within the specified industry. Greater reach against similar commercial use is gained as well, when you have a trademark.

Our professional team prepares & reviews your application and can quickly file your completed registration package with the U.S. Copyright Office, Washington D.C. Of course, it’s necessary to research the mark comprehensively prior to filing to ensure that there is no possibility of infringing upon another party. After research, We can submit all required forms, deposits and fees and communicate directly with the U.S. Copyright Office for you.

Copyrights can be obtained for things of an artistic nature. This includes, of course, poetry, films, sculptures, music, fiction, etc. But can also include things that may not necessarily seem “artistic” in the general sense of the word. Copyrights can also be obtained for advertising copy, games, software programs and blueprints, to name just a few.

Common trademarks include business names, slogans and logo designs. Older and larger companies accumulate valuable Intellectual Property assets without sometimes taking care to properly research, trademark, periodically protect and renew State or USPTO continued use applications. Over years of time some marks may be forgotten, deadlines missed to file incontestability of a given mark, infringer’s may be allowed to eat at your rights – ultimately resulting in Acquiescence, or giving up rights to an infringer, thereby losing your valuable trademark to them.

Call us for a detailed, in depth, FREE review of your Intellectual Property – and FREE written report weighted towards your needs, constraints and future plans. We’ll determine a concise plan of action and explain why and when each step should be undertaken to conserve your marks and conserve your cash. The more marks you have, the greater discount you’ll be offered! Call us today!

It is not recommended to interpret your own complex search results. Comprehensive search companies will produce 50 to 150 pages of research for one trade name. Trade name similarities in sound, appearance and meaning may affect legal use. If an infringed trade name holder does exist, then they have up to six years to enforce their trademark rights against you! Millennium Trademark analysis benefits our clients in two ways: (1) it allows us to break the traditional Federal and State Trademark and Common Law Research (first use) searches for a Step-By-Step approach AND (2) you will not need to take your research to an attorney for review. Exact conflicts are simple to find. Less expensive preliminary searches are good at finding conflicts. Strong similarities however, based on similarity of sound, appearance and meaning are much more difficult to uncover. Strong similarities are very easy to either over react or under react to. The predominance of our client’s trade name searches are legally blocked at the strong similarity level, not by conflicts. Research experts at Millennium are trained to conduct and analyze each search. Low Cost analysis is the main reason you should use Millennium for all of your comprehensive research needs. The Research Analysis is not included as a feature of our Value Package.

Our Comprehensive legal research starts with the researching of billions of name records to find those that may legally affect your intended commercial use. Direct conflicts or merely uses which are merely similar in Sound, Appearance or Meaning are fully analyzed by our expert staff. Analysis by experienced research specialists will save you time and money in finding a legally clear name. Our free analysis benefit alone may save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary search fees and trademark attorney time.

Millennium comprehensively examines the USPTO trademark (2 million marks) State trademark (1 million marks in 50 States) as well as Common-Law “first use” (13 million marks) in up to 6500 paid research databases!

Our philosophy is to meet the needs of our clients. This includes expert consultations, comprehensive research and expert analysis of complex trade name searches. If a trademark attorney is needed, we provide a free referral. Millennium follows through with preparing AND filing trademark applications for the USPTO and Canada. We will also prepare applications for all 50 States. We strive to make the process as simple as possible for all our clients. Our goal is to carry our clients through their entire trade name clearance and trademarking process! Millennium has conducted over 40,000 trade name searches since 1992! We work on the top fee-based information providers of LEXIS-NEXIS and DIALOG. To research the availability of any given trade name, we often search thousands of databases to produce a comprehensive search. Our skill in conducting thousands of legal searches is the main reason many trademark attorneys hire us to conduct their clients’ company, product, slogan and logo design searches.

Millennium has always offered its clients more than a comprehensive trademark search. We pride ourselves in our free consultations, free analysis of our research reports and trademark application preparations. The main reason we do not charge as much as attorneys is because the bulk of our work is completed by our highly trained staff – not trademark attorneys. We pass this savings to you! Don’t make the mistake of Copyrighting your intended business name, Logo or slogan – when you actually have a trademark! Let Millennium help you. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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