Superior Data Integration, Governance, & Stewardship Services

Engage in over $50B strategic data integration, governance, and stewardship projects, you can count on our expertise for your most critical operational requirements. We are specialists in data analytics & business intelligence having been engaged by leading firms in global data integration, governance, data stewardship, research, due diligence, and FP&A projects. Our experience includes financial services, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, security, health care, legal, and telecommunications industries.

Our Analytics & Business Intelligence practice includes the data warehousing, processes, methodologies, infrastructure, protocols, and best practices to transform business data into more useful information and support business decision-making and risk management requirements.  We research the latest developments in analytics, organizational resilience, and enterprise efficiency, to keep you on the forefront of data management best practices.

We offer data warehousing, ETL Solutions, Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, and related services. We consider types of data: Unstructured, Semi-structured & structured.  Deployment models: (On-premises, Cloud, and Hybrid), Enterprise Size (Large, Small & Medium ), and Industry Vertical (BFSI, IT & Telecom, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and Transportation & Logistics).