2009-2011 Commission/Committees

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Achievement Commission

Mark Johnson, Chairman

Centennial Celebration Planning Committee

Wendy L. Hardiman, Co-Chairman
Carmen N. Anderson, Co-Chairman

Centennial Fund Committee

Stevenson Nicholson, Chairman
Herbert Jenkins, Vice Chairman

Chaplain Committee

John Franklin, Chairman
Alan Smith, Vice Chairman

Constitution & Statutes Reconciliation Committee

Kevin Kinsey, Chairman
John Russell, Co-Chairman

Corporate & Strategic Alliance Clusters

Michael Dubose, Chairman

Corporate Alliance Cluster

Carl Ware, Co-Director
John E. Jacob, Co-Director

Entertainment/Sports Cluster

Quintin Thomas, Chairman
Sherman K. Kizart, Director of Strategic Communications
John S. Newman, II, Director of Sports
Eddie Blackmon, Director of Entertainment

Entertainment/Sports Cluster

Clarence F. Nelson, Jr. – Chairman

Ways & Means Cluster

Alvin Brown, Chairman

Council of Junior Province Vice Polemarchs

Kristerpher J. Smith, Chairman

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